Meet this georgous fella and do a good deed for the weekend

Isn't he adorable. For a chance to win him, click through to Muttering from The Moor

I had a half day today. I got most of my laundry finished an had a bit of a clear up. I filled up the fridge with salad and veg. Tomorrow it is just cleanig which is unavoidable. Then I planning some garden time & maybe to get my mending done(finally).

When Fahed comes home from work maybe we will light some charcoal and cook in the sunshine. I wont call this a firm plan becuse we know that that will just bring rain.

I love the weekend.


  1. Awaiting news of the possible BBQ

    *said in lowest of whispers so as not to tempt fate*


  2. it was lovely and another this pm unless the weather changes a great deal in the next couple of hours. I love summer even when we have it in spring!

  3. Thanks for blogging about this. We're up to £77 now...but still need to reach our £200 target so please keep spreading the word!


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