Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lots doing but no headaches

I am fed up with saying how busy it is but still seems to be. Maybe its not so busy and I am just really dis-organised. Definitely needing more structure.

However in spite of organisational failing this week we still had a good week. The downstairs bathroom is actually finished. YAAAYY! That means the sitting area in the conservatory is back to normal, without an actual lavatory pan in the middle of it. The electrician came to wire the electric for the extension into the main house power and also check and certify all the electrics. Should have taken a day but he wasn't happy with some of the work so it will be at least three days (leaving me with no money again no doubt). All the same it is good that it is being done.

Decluttering continues with a trip to recycling centre, some freecycle ads, two trips to the charity shop and some potential ebay sales. I like the combination of selling and giving. I can have a good conscience but also some cash.

I changed my mobile contract to give me more minutes and more texts for a reduction of £5 per month. I was also due for an upgrade of my handset. My old handset is fine so I have ordered my new (free) one to sell on ebay. It seems to be perfectly legal.

I have also dig some of my jewellery finding out of the attic to sell on ebay. I am guessing they dont go for much but they are worth more on ebay than in my attic, so that is a project for this week.

Trying something new to get rid of my headches and migraines. This is the end of the third week without carbihydrate and I feel fantastic (and four kilo lighter). Not a single headache. I have a proper craving for toast which apparently could mean that my problem is wheat. I have re-introduced carb filled vegetables but so far am avoiding bread, pasta, rice, potato, bulgar wheat & anything containing sugar or flour. It is early days yet but I wish I had tried this 15 years ago....


  1. Would love to hear more about this carb free bit . . . problem is I don't know other than the obvious, bread/taters/rice/pasta what really has carbs =(

    And no sugar or flour you say.... sounds as if it could also help with my *ahem* bloating troubles. I am such a bread & roll lover though!

  2. There are wheat free varieties of bread out there or if you have a breadmaker, you could make some. I hardly miss bread now.. but if I have to have some, there is a three grain rye bread you can get from Tesco's or Morisson's (you need to toast it though!)

    Glad it's helping and you are feeling better!

  3. Some people in my family are just finding out about their wheat sensitivites. It does seem to make a big difference for them when they eliminate it. Makes cooking a challenge for a while until you get the hang of it I guess.

  4. Yay for the bathroom being finished and for less headaches :-)

    Are you going to Greece this summer Lizzie?

  5. Hi Kadeeae. I love bread too. I miss toast so much but it certainly seems to effect me. I started off with no bread, pasta, potato,pasta, fruit, starchy veg, nothing with sugar (no cakes, eek)but now I am okay with veg & berries. But not having a headache makes all the difference to sticking to weird diets.

  6. Hi apeiceofwood
    I have experimented with home made bread before but its so lovely i just want to eat until i burst.I think it is best though to get used to not having it initially and then i can introduce stuff later. It is wonderful though not to be in pain & I getting more creative!

  7. Hi Daizy
    It makes so much difference it is unbeleivable. Fahed has been trying to follow my eating program just to support me and he has lost 5 kilo and doesnt have any of the usual problems following his gall bladder operation.
    We love protein (although we love it even more now we can eat veg too!)

  8. Hi Laura
    I cant ber to tell you how much of the ceiling had to come down for the elctrician to make correction to the electrics but everything is good!
    Oh yes. August & into September. Portugal for you by any chance?

  9. Great strides this month! Congratulations!

    I need to investigate eating less carbs and sugar as well. Your results have given me incentive!

    Keep up the great work!


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