Now we know for sure - Toast equals Headaches

I tested out the bread theory. Toast and all sorts of other carbs yesterday. Even had some fruit juice (ah, paradise). Horrendous headache starting at 5am this morning, left me after many painkillers a little the worse for wear at about 10am. Don't think it can be a coincidence.

Still, back to my frugal plans. I awaited my delivery of my free 'three' replacement phone on Wednesday, and again on Thursday and Friday. Each day I received a text telling me the times it would be delivered between. It never was which confounds my plans to sell it on eBay this weekend. Very clever high tech idea with the texts but doesn't seem to be very successful so far.

My son had a box of goodies to be collected by Virgin Media ( a failed attempt at broadband when he lived at the flat share with friends). They asked me to stay in on Saturday morning until noon for a courier to collect. Guess what, no courier. Gosh I am so surprised. Maybe it is the same delivery company that doesn't deliver three phones either.

This year I increased my shopping budget to £70 per week for the rather austere £40 per week that we previously kept too (mostly). Last week I spent just over £100 but this week £42 so just about on track. I certainly can shop for less but have chosen not too. I don't waste my money on ready meals though just plenty of fresh veg and fruit, nice meat and all the usual basics. Not matter how much the garden produces (which it generally doesn't) I couldn't keep up with my families salad needs. I think it is their Mediterranean blood!

On the subject of veg, my parents next door neighbour has offered me six tomato plants. I will do my best not to kill them off this year. The last two yea we had tomato blight in the whole area and they just died. The previous year was a success though and I had more tomatoes than you can imagine, I live in hope that we will avoid the blight at some point. Plan to plant a couple of cucumbers too, one courgette, maybe an aubergine, some chilies but not as many as last year, and some sweet peppers.

Maybe if it doesn't rain tomorrow I can actually get out in the garden to start everything off.


  1. Virgin are terrible for turning up when they say they will. I still have our broadband / tv stuff that they were going to collect when we cancelled our tv subscription and our license - and that was over two years ago!

    Looking forward to hearing how the garden grows - how disappointing to lose the tomato plants last year - hope it goes better for you (and them!) this year!

  2. I was wondering how long beofre I can reasonably sell it on ebay!
    Thanks for the garden wishes. I bought two little cucumber plants for 50p in the car boot sale today. I will try not to kill them!


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