I was going to say I am bored. Not sure if I get bored but I think I feel I am bored when I am actually a little fed up. And why I am fed up? No idea. Life is pottering along. We are re-organising the department at work but it is win win for me as I get more of what I like (managing a big team across three sites, total control of my 'area of interst' rents, service charges etc) and less of what I dont like (boring board reports, board/bored meeting, accounting returns, dull, dull, dull). So cant be that.

I have booked the flights for summer visit to the Crete house. Hope it is still standing.

The house here is progressing (slowly)and is certainly no more like a building site than usual.

Garden is looking pretty good and has tomatoes, cucmbers etc planted up & growing well.

Fahed hasn't got much work compared with previously, so we are short of csh, but we are pretty sensible with our cash so it's not been too noticeable. From September it is starting to pick up again so we may be saving more soon.

I feel really bad being all whiney when everything is pretty rosy. Maybe its my hormones or maybe I am just a bit bored.

I need some economical fun. Any suggestions??


  1. I'm feeling the blues too. Not sure why since things are pretty good. just thinking about the good things for a while makes me feel better.

  2. Hello Lizzie
    Not sure what economical fun is - these days fun always seems to cost cash lol Congrats on the work situation and going ahead with the holiday plans, maybe once you get home from there you'll feel more settled
    Thank you so much for your kind words when we had to say goodbye to leroy - he's been with us for such along time I'm sure I'll never stop missing him.
    BTW I've moved my blog to another home - Still Waters http://stillwaters-cathy.blogspot.com/ is where you'll find me now. Pop in soem time, I'd love to see you. Maybe yoou can come up with some economical fun answers lol
    Take care

  3. Thats exactly it Daizy. Blues but no reason I can put my finger on.

    Hi Cathy
    Thats explains where you have gone. Dont know how I missed your leaving, I just thought you had gone quiet! No more cats for me. No-one could replace my two cats, who both died lsat year. Thats it for me. Just too much trauma.


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