Monday, 17 May 2010

I used to like to travel

and actually I want to travel again. I dont travel much for a few reasons. We like to look after our money and work towards financial security. We have a house in Crete and I feel morally obliged to go there atleast every year. My husband suffers from depression and change of routine and time away from work are to be avoided.

We need to find a compromise. I have an idea. Once every few year he travels to Syria or Jordan to visit family. He is gone for between 6 and 12 weeks (and comes back as miserable as sin becuase of change, no work etc but if he doesnt go then he gets home sick and that is worse). Its fine with me. Gives me the chance to miss him which is always good. If I didnt miss him then it would be bad. He is going again in the summer of 2012. He doesnt think I can handle to come with him. There are too many family members and everyone telling me what to do. Not suitable for a British woman of middle age, I can imagine. I think he is right, I am neither patient enough not sufficiently sociable to spend a lot of time with the in laws. They dont seem to be offended by my absence and I guess they assume I am some poor down trodden soul who isnt allowed to take a holiday.

I really would like to visit Syria though and I am wondering whether I can tag 2 weeks onto his holiday for us to have some family time togther. In my mind I am starting to ahve some ideas, maybe flyin to Cyprus and catch the ferry from Cyprus to Latakia. Perhaps a trip into Jordan to visit Petra and Wadi Rum, even the dead sea.

Before I had this flash of inspiration I had already started looking aorund at what availabel for a shorter amount of time. Maybe he could manage a short break once or twice a year or maybe I can go on my own. I can when he is away but I dont think he would cope well if I left him at home to travel (I know its not fair but lifes not fair). I am thinking first of a long weekend in Sardinia, visitng a friend of ours. That should break him easily into the idea of travelling for short breaks with the advantage that he is back at work before his gloomy side can take over.

My visit list is being greatly inspired by Easyjet so far. Loving Stelios!!


  1. I think Jordan would be wonderful! It sounds like you have considered all sides -- you will be able to tag on the 2 week family vacation!

  2. 2 weeks sounds like just the right amount of time. I can't believe he goes away for 12 weeks sometimes. Wow.


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