So spoilt!

Last weekend I had a flying visit from my friend from the island, before I shot off to work for the day. My birthday isn't until next month but as well as a visit I got a superb book, The Hairy Bikers Family Cookbook, and a little plant, appropriately a Bizzy Lizzie, and she is now flowering. Feeling pleasantly spoilt now. They were off to cycle around Bath for a week so hopefully it was fun, certainly sounds like it would be and the weather was pretty good overall. Not too hot which is best if you are in the saddle a lot. Now wishing I had taken up the offer of a salary sacrifice at work to buy a new bike. Never mind,next year.

My 18 year old and my 20 year old sons were both around the house this morning. SO unusual for a Saturday. Normally there is work or play but today a few hours of pure sloth. Baby decided to come shopping with his mama. First to Lidl to stock up on salad and fruit, plus their fab Greek yogurt. I also invested a little in meat but not too bad. Shopping for this week was £50.30. Then to Ikea for some new glasses. I seem to be on a spree. They didn't have the ones I wanted but I found some I liked. Also a stepping stool for upstairs ( I am short, storage is high up)and a couple of bed side lights to take to the other house. Total purchases just under £20. For the rest of the time I was cleaning and being generally domesticated (washing up, cleaning cooker, laundry). Now I have just made a lovely salad for the old chaps lunch when he comes home from work at 4. He has a small steak to go with it.My other purchase was two cucumber plants from my neighbours stall. If I get all off my work done today then tomorrow is a playing in the garden day.

Now I am taking a break for a lunch of yogurt and strawberries. Eldest son has gone to pick his girlfriend up from work and baby has forgotten he was going out and is playing some game in the sitting room.

I just love lazy days sometimes, and the company of my kids.


  1. Lazy days are the best. Gardening sounds great. I am not trying to grow any vegetables this year since it always ends in disaster. I managed to kill a native flowering plant so far by neglecting to water it in a pot. So sad. All it needed was a little water and I couldn't even do that! Hope you have a bountiful harvest.

  2. Well done on leaving Ikea only £20 lighter - lol! I daren't visit the shop as I know I will just be far too tempted, so I think that you are really good!

    Lazy days are lovely, aren't they? From the sound of how busy it has been at your work recently, you certainly deserved to enjoy a lazy day :o)

  3. Hi Daizy
    Garden is looking much better today. There is a chance I ight not kill everything this year!

    Hi Bright & New
    I know, I am a strong woman! at least compared with years gone by. I dont really like hading over my cash, which doe help.


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