Saturday, 8 May 2010


I have been away for two days this week with my fellow managers learning how to engage staff and the importance of doing so. There was also a considerable session on how to stop whining and take control (although it may have also been called something like 'increasing you area of influence').There was a lot of focus on managing staff properly and allowing them to grown and develop. The session on increasing your are of inlfuence was very much that if you just get on with it and stop whineying then you find your area of control starts to grow. Probably not suitable for those who like a good moan but good for me. I liked the ideas and focus of the training and am proud of my organisation for actually thinking that the way to work but I also felt I personally benefitted from the training.

As it is year end I was working until midnight last night. I didnt have to but I like the idea that we will be ready in good time for the auditors. So tomorrow I am going to work again. However using my new control superpowers I know I am not being forced to do this, and so feeling resentful, but activiely managing the time avilable to me to get where I want to be over the coming week. My fun days will be less this weekend but they will still be fun. Today is cleaning day. Tonight a few hours with family. Tomorrow a short visit from my friend who is over from the island, before darting of to work again. However this means I can enjoying Sunday evening more so all is well. Knowing that I am where I want to be at work will mean the evening is more relaxing anyway.

As I type (and cook lunch) I can hear noise coming from the other room as my son tries to fit a double bed into the space only a single bed can fit it into (his girlfriend sort of lives here too). I hope the power of positive thinking is working for him too!

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