I have been reading old posts from Get Stuff Done

I am going to try her idea of visualising what you want as if you already have it. That's not easy for someone like me. It means I have to admit to myself what I want. My fear of commitment comes into play. How can I pin myself down. I get resentful when I tell myself what to do (I do know this is weird). I apparently don't like rules & commitment but I suppose if I admit that to myself then I might be able to to pin myself down in other areas.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    Commenting here about visualising and also your garden
    You have a bottle tree - blue ones are best and its great fun trying to find them. Lost all mine in a storm one year - they are good for keeping you free from harm.

    I've tried the seeing the end result over and over but maybe I'm like you and don't want to commit myself - I found it worked for craft projects - yes I know thats not really a necessary tryout but I could see what I wanted to achieve and most times they turned out that way but as regards to weight loss - mixed success is all I can say, perhaps I wanted too much too soon
    Off to sort out the bedroom now lol
    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy
    I love blue bottles. I have way too many. I like them on the windowsill so that the sun shines through them. I didn't know that they are supposed to keeo you free from harm, now I have an excuse to hang more!
    oh yes, weight loss, thats the one I always fail on. Maybe thats what holds me back from other things. I think you might be on to something there.

  3. Hi there - just to chip in on the visualising the end result. I think you need to play a bit more with it. i mean what I was doing wasn't serious like the be all and end all. Although to be honest if it was like that then, it would be jolly good. Just try and think of things you would really really like very much to happen. day dream a little and invent some really lovely scenarios. If you were to wish for things that you would enjoy, that made you feel happy. things like that. That is what i was doing. Its not about commitment in the sense that I am now duty bound to make that future happen. But that this is a future where everything I wish for has turned out well. I just enjoy having future I can look forward to, even if I am making it up! And I just think that if you write down your dreams then it just helps a little way towards having dreams come true. And that is just such a lovely thing to happen. At new year, (although I didn't this year) I usually indulge in a wish list. Which is so much nicer than a resolution list. And on it I write all the things I would really like to happen in the upcoming year. And i have to say that usually a large number come true.

  4. wow, i think you are right. I might be afraid to really think deeply and commit because I think someone is watching me and keeping score. It might be that I cant allow myself to have a change of heart once something is written. If I play around more I might start to open up a bit. Not take myself so seriously. I didn't realise I did until now. What a revelation.
    Very useful! Do you do counselling!!!

  5. I love the art in the garden. It is so pretty. I miss my little yard at my rental house. I had a big purple gazing ball and a green ceramic toad. I forgot about my toad. I wish I had brought him with me.


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