My garden

Camera and laptop are friends and talking to each other. I thik I might be more creative and artistic than horticulturally sound.

Martins Money Saving Expert and the totally inspiring overpayment diaries that people use to help keep up their motivation. I overpay by a couple of hundred every month but don't make anything like the kind of effort that these guys make.

So today i was telling the old fella about how one lady had pretty much stopped doing anything and cleared her mortgage in four years. He said 'wonder what we could do it in?' and now we are off. I might be wrong but i think we are both in the same place and we really could do it.

If we throw every spare penny we have at it then we could do it in six years according to a calculator which I just found.

Oh gosh, so much to think about, so many numbers to c…


Five Frugal things