All of the things I wasn't looking forward to (audit, board meeting, not being made redundant etc.)have all come to pass and so I should be relaxed and looking to the future. At the back of mind though something is playing tricks. Like I have been worrying for so long that now I cant actually stop. Tomorrow is Saturday. Should be the best day of the week. I need to use and enjoy it and stop worry about.....well whatever it is that I am worrying about.

So, a chore list to keep me focussed.

Fill up with gas and petrol,both cars - may need to sell the house to pay for this one.
Asian supermarket to buy chillies and olives.
Make nice lunch for Fahed - something with tiger prawns and jalapenos that he saw Delia making on TV. Hopefully they have the recipe in Waitrose as she is now Waitrose woman.
Cleaning - place is a tip
Laundry - never ending
Mending - never ending but mostly because I never seem to start it. Must do it this weekend as I have the sewing machine from mum so no excuses.
Clean bathroom - again major grubbiness.
Pay Ahdels cheque into the bank.
Feed plants.

Sounds like a fun day ahead!


  1. Hmmm....often get a sort of anxious for no reason feeling, have never figured out why, sadly.

    Have to ask - what is the bottom photo of??

  2. Isn't it obvious????? It is just an ornament that my friend made for my birthday. Metalrod with drilled stones fixed to it. I do love it.

  3. I like the garden (even if it isn't 'horticulturally sound').

    Hope the chores didn't take up your whole day.

  4. Hi Al
    Thank you. It is quite a nice space to live in. No, chores are still going strong. I get side tracked way too easily.

  5. I love your garden ornaments and sculptures!!

    have you rejigged your blog look too? it looks mighty splendid. I just wrote a really long comment on your last post about the visualising!

    I am very much loving my new computer and how easily it converses with my camera and iphone..... am quite the tech whizz these days! It just makes me want a scanner and photoshop now though

  6. Thanks Moyra.
    I like things to be a bit different. Anyone can do flowers (or maybe anyone except me)
    I should go the Apple route. I know its better stuff but because we use windows at work then all of my files are windows based, so i feel abit stuck. I have an i-pod classic though, which I love with a passion.


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