Self indulgence and visualisation

It is home alone Friday. Both kids are out at parties and the old fella is at his monthly poker session. That means I can do what I want for the whole evening. I chose to get a head start at the laundry and clear a few work surfacing, do some wiping down etc. My life is sooo exciting.
After all that fun I settled down to watch 4 old episodes of classic Jonathan Creek, followed by the Hairy Bikers in Mexico. Classic TV!

Now I am in my bed and after this I going to search through my Hairy Bikers cookbook for some inspiration for the coming week.

I thought some more about visualisation and wondered if it will work on more low level desires. I am visualising a clean tidy house, laundry clean dry and returned to originator and a freeze full of nutritious but not overly expensive food for the weeks ahead I can do it!


  1. I can relate to the joys of a little tidying up. I got home from work and swept and mopped the floor instead of jumping on the internet. I feel so productive!

  2. and virtuous! Then I can relax with a clear conscience.


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