Its working

Monday and Tuesday I have stuck with grapefruit chunks for breakfast at work, I love grapefruit, cant think why I ever stopped. I have stuck with homemade veg soup too. I have enough to last me until Friday and it is delicious. I have hidden it in the second fridge to stop everyone nicking it.

Dinner on Monday night was scraps and leftovers. Dinner tonight was BOGOF burgers in buns, in the BK style as per my book. Very popular but we have to make sure we don't eat like this too often. Pretty sure I made my 5 a day because of my breakfast and lunch but dont think the others were as good as me.

Tomorrow I am home alone so very cheap and easy to feed.

Also some good news. Eldest son left his work a few weeks back as they didn't have a boat to build. He decided to dust off his brain and go to uni but in the mean time just take any job to make ends meet. Today the called round and asked him to come back to help with the 16m boat, as they can't do it without him. Flattery will get you everywhere and he agreed but he also agreed with me that he will still sort out his college, uni etc. and plan for a better career, this is just to help them out for this special boat not forever. Best of all worlds for him I think.

He is also still looking after his girlfriends dad and sleeping there most nights so I don't think it is unreasonable that he claims some allowance for that. For two weeks it is a favour but when it goes into months then it is more. On top of that he has been asked to join his favourite local band as second guitarist. He is so excited he was bouncing around like Tigger. Bless. So good for his mental health to be working, no jokes. He is like his dad and without work, purpose, goes into a steep decline.

Second day back at work today and it was fun. I need to get back in the habit of enjoying it when you bear in mind I have another 20 years to go.I firmly beleive that it is just state of mine that is the problem when I want to run off to the sun, so I can make it better, its all in my hands.

For the rest, Jamal is taking after his (skinflint) mother and building a new bike from parts of his old bike and a rubbish bike with some good parts which he got from Freecycle.

Fahed is off to see his sister tomorrow to sort her out. It was bad enough she had an enlarged liver, heart problem, not forgetting the nervous breakdown and internal bleeding, today she got hit by a car! Fortunately not at speed but surely she is due some good luck. Thinking about the poor old dear does make me moan less, honest.


  1. Best wishes for your sister in law. That sounds awful to be ill and hit by a car. How nice that your son has a skill such as boat building. And the other has musical skills. The more skills they have the better their future I think. Makes it easier to find a job.


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