Wednesday, 17 November 2010

having materialistic thoughts

Still dreaming about the stair carpet. Daizy is right, I need to get on and get my carpet sorted so that I can free up a few brain bits to think about something else.

Between the stair carpet and the big big clean up I am feeling pretty positive about my house. That isn't always the case when buildings works go on for years.

The two big deals once the larder (and stair carpet, haha) are finished are the front porch and the kitchen refurb. I have most of what we need for the kitchen. A top of the range cooker hood (of course reduce, end of range). pine cupboard doors and drawers front (would have preferred oak but of course these were reduced)black slate type ceramic tiles for the floor (yep, reduce too), stainless steel range cooker (we are already using it - a girl can only wait so long), stainless steel double fridge and freezer (also cheap and also already in use). I have a lovely sink from freecycle.I need a work top, wall tiles, a gas oven (mine is electric and okay for cakes but rubbish for meat). I think I have taps too but I have been buying bits for the kitchen for so long that I can no longer remember.

I am dreaming about the finished kitchen already. I am a craving a Boysenberry Kitchenaid (worth flying to the US to buy. cheaper even including the air fare I am sure). Also a cassis Le Creuset casserole. And maybe some other Le Creuset bits and pieces. On No, what is happening to me, I am craving things.


  1. A boysenberry Kitchenaid sounds beautiful especially with the stainless steel. Is it really cheaper to order it from the US? I gave my Kitchenaid to my sister but she is away from home for 6 months so she isn't using it right now. Next time I visit her at her home I expect lots of Kitchenaid baking delights.

  2. I think it is. I am thinking of a motnh in the US for my 50th birthday in 2012. Is it too weird to fit one into my case?


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