New love of my life £412
The Good Cook Shop £389
Pixmania £354
Amazon £315
John Lewis £279

On $309 which converts to £196.

I am on my way Daizy. You can use the husband and kids to help out building the dog run whilst I am indulging my new passion.

Whilst this may seem completely against my usual way of thinking it really isn't. I don't much like parting with my money at all but if I am going to then I prefer to buy something good quality and is really going to last, and only then if it is truly useful to me. This ticks all the boxes.

Whilst I was searching I was also considering a couple of Le Creuset casseroles. Very pleased to say that I got a nice surprise when searching UK sites after US sites and actually found something which is cheaper over here, I am assuming as we are closer to France but its not always the way things get prices up over here.


  1., is it still cheaper with the shipping?

  2. Yep, certainly is. Amazing difference.Not sure if there is some kind of customs duty payable. I have been caught out like this before.


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