Saturday, 20 November 2010

Royal Wedding & another weekend

In one of the (least favourite) papers today it says we are apparently enthusiastic about the Royal Wedding as long as not much money is spent. To me that seems counter intuitive. Would it not be better if those who have plenty, in the case the Royal Family, spent a fortune on William & Kate's big day. They have the cash, the economy could benefit from the infusion of extra dosh, win win. Sales of tacky souvenirs could be good. Increased tourism even better. A day off work? better yet. Not sure of the effect on the economy of that one but nonetheless all days off are good days off. Roll on the nuptials.

I had a day off work yesterday so now my body is thinking Sunday even though its only Saturday. Will I be at work at 8am Sunday morning by mistake, good chance. Anyway my Friday was lovely because Fahed works pretty much the whole weekend so we actually had a day of time together doing Saturday type things. Checking out carpet for the stairs, we couldn't find anything we liked. MOT & tax his car, perhaps fun is not the right word but at least it is done. Stock up with chillies, tahini and all things yummy at the Asian supermarket. Visit to a friends house. Early evening family meal out, carvery including pudding and drinks £96 for eleven of us (we all chipped in).

Today I am cleaning the kitchen and pulling ceramic tiles of the wall in prep for the new kitchen. Also a complete tidy and de-clutter of the upstairs rooms before my professional clean. I hope their cleaning is good but the fact that I cant afford to not be doing my bit of the clutter busting is probably worth the bargain amount I paid for the clean anyway. Jamal is starting his room today as well. He has more work ahead of him with that tip than I do.

Its 8.30am now so I have had my lay in. Time to get on.

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