£30 well spent

I signed up for a emails from something called Groupon a while back from a link on one of the US blogs. It appeared to offer me 70% discount on Burger King (which it didn't) but what it gave me instead was tons better. For anyone who doesn't already subscribe to Groupon let me explain. As far I can see they do a deal with a local or national service provider and as long as they sell a certain number of the deals then you get to buy something at a heavily discounted price. The provider has a big rise in customers and in they generates some repeat business so everyone wins.

A few weeks back I bought a full house clean for £30, normal price £100. Almost the best £30 I can recall spending. Beaten only by the £28 on travel insurance once that covered £8000 of medical costs and repatriation, when Fahed had a heart attack whilst visiting in Jordan.

A group of three women arrived at my house and spent three hours cleaning just the upstairs, then another couple downstairs. The place is truly immaculate. I did coerce both kids into a super tidy and it was well worth it. They will come and do the same again once a month for £60 a time. I am busy juggling my budget to ensure I can afford this.

This week I worked from 8am until around 7pm most days. Normally I am home by six but this week I had tenant consultation meetings in a different location each day. By Friday I was too shattered to make toast. Having someone give the house a serious spring clean is a real boost. Today I am just clearing a few more things away and then we can officially start Christmas. All clean and shiny. So far I am loving Groupon and I am going to make more effort to actually read the daily email (today's was rubbish by the way - you do need to be discerning.)

I am very happy with Fahed at the moment, despite enormous pressure he is still not sending money to family members who bleat for assistance even though they are better off than us. One sister phoned on Wednesday, the one that generally bleeds us dry, and he stood firm but felt so guilty that he hasn't slept properly since. Yesterday another sister phoned and told us that she found out that the sister who always wants money is actually sending it to her daughter. The daughter sold her flat (bought by mummy) and appears to have spent the proceeds on designer clothes and tattooed eyebrows (what???)and so he mum is now bailing her out with OUR MONEY. I could be cross for how much has been wasted but have decided to concentrate on how much we wont be wasting going forward. They truly would not leave us with a penny given the chance.

Also happy to say that Fahed chased me up yesterday to ask what had happened to our idea of weekly Salsa dancing. So pleased as I thought he just said yes to shut me up but if he wants to go to then we are more likely to stick at it. Really looking forward to this as I do love dancing.

Everything is going well.Really must start Christmas shopping soon!