500th post -Random things to do today

500 posts. Am I a better person than I was at the beginning? I am tidier,more content,more organised, maybe even a better cook. But not a better person. Not that I am a bad person. Writing things downs seems to make one more deliberate, more accountable maybe, more in control of life because you think about things more. I suspect I might be less interesting which isn't really great news for someone that things interesting is an important part of life. Maybe I am not actually less interesting, I just seem it because I rarely seem to do anything new and different. 2011 must be my year of living interestingly.

However, in the short term, back to Saturdays to do list.
Finish sorting out new larder.
Re-arrange remainder of kitchen.
Remove rest of kitchen tiles or as many as possible.
Cook something yummy for lunch.I am thinking something with noodles, chicken, coconut link and Thai basil.
Whizz around with vacuum cleaner.
Bag of clothes to charity shop.
List three items on ebay
Make some houmous.
Drop kids in Southampton for wild party night (Bonnies birthday)
Visit £ shop really early.

More than enough for one day. I love 3 day weekends. They should happen every week.


  1. Do you get Monday off? Your to-do list sounds similar to my chore list.

  2. Friday off but only because I had flexi time available to take so I gave in to the snow. We can take an extra day a month if we have the hours saved up. I feel very lazy when I know you only get two weeks a year annual leave.


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