Gentle Sunday

Finish sorting out new larder and re-arrange remainder of kitchen. Not finished but coming along well. Should finish today. Fahed is so impressed with how it looks that he is inspired to finish the laundry area and tile kitchen floor before Christmas. We can then progress with cabinets, etc when we have the ten day break over Christmas and New Year. Much as I love to travel and visit at Christmas I am more happy with this idea.

Remove rest of kitchen tiles or as many as possible. Jamal got loads off and I think should finish this today.

Cook something yummy for lunch.I am thinking something with noodles, chicken, coconut link and Thai basil. I cooked but it was disappointing unlovely as I used a tin of coconut soup instead of coconut milk and the spices were all weird.

Whizz around with vacuum cleaner. Swept the hard floor but didn't both with the vacuuming as Jamal and his mate are pulling up the carpet on Tuesday.

Bag of clothes to charity shop. Done
List three items on ebay. Today
Make some houmous. Bought two tubs as it actually worked out cheaper
Drop kids in Southampton for wild party night (Bonnies birthday). Done, there are a vast number of teenagers snoring away in every room of the house. One of my sons went to the party as a Goth and the other started as a caveman but sort of morphed into Tina Turner in a cave man outfit.
Visit £ shop really early. Done, bought loads, all useful.

A couple of extra additions to the list.
Laundry - finish, sort and put away.
Make up Christmas hampers for family members.
Compile present list for husband and sons.
Chase up Ahdel to complete job application forms.
Possible mini visit to Ikea to stock up on candles etc bargain basement prices.
Sort out recipes for Christmas sweeties - I am planning white chocolate fudge, peanut brittled, honeycomb and coconut ice.


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