I made up the baskets of goodies which are the families gifts for this year. They look excellent. I needed Fahed to help me cellophane them but he is snoring peacefully on the sofa, which is actually a good thing but not that useful. I will take photos and share when they are finished.

I don't do Christmas cards but I will do a Christmas email to everyone that I wont see some time next week.

Presents for Fahed and the boys will be bigger but tend to be practical. I don't buy stuff for them during the year so they get a bit of a treat at this time of year. I have bought a few items but I know exactly what else to get.

Decorations. Both kids are putting up artificial trees. One in the sitting room and one in the sitting area of the conservatory. Otherwise it will just be lights and the all use very little power. Simple but quite magical I think. There are also some lanterns and red glass bowls. Very pretty and simple.

Food planning and shopping is all that is left to worry about. But I enjoy cooking and having time to do it is real bonus.

We wont be travelling over the break, so visiting local friends and family and spending some time together and on the house.

Its all sounding just perfect right now. Happy to have some Christmas snow to if the heavens would be kind enough to give us a break for the next few weeks.


  1. I am always torn between time off and getting things done at home for the holidays or travelling. Travelling usually wins. I wish I could do both!

  2. For me travelling is so important it is like a basic need but we are so close to finishing the house now that I can almost taste it. Once it is done we will be free but we will have this lovely little house waiting for us when we come back.

  3. Ha, that was me but my son had previously been logged in on my machine. Giggles

  4. Hi Lizzie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I would LOVE to see your treat baskets! What a wonderful gift...I LOVE consumables! :)!


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