Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What next

Tomorrow eldest son is finishing the tiling and shower fittings in the downstairs bathroom. That room is then complete.
The conservatory (really a big sitting room and additional bedroom) are complete all but some architrave and other finishings.
The upstairs bathroom - just needs to cupboard lids since I balanced Jamal's weights bar up on them and shattered the trim.
Jamal's bedroom - new rug required as he is getting a little old for the hippo carpet but its not worth changing so we will just cover the centre.
Main bedroom - Exactly as I want it except a slight re-arrangement of furniture and a quick touch up of the paint.
Office - finished but touch up of paint.
Hall, stairs and landing - Paint walls cream, paint woodwork dark aubergine, lay new carpet - everything is bought so hopefully I have time to do the work soon.
Kitchen - larder is finished, new floor tiles next week, all finished by spring ( I so hope)
Sitting room - re-varnish the wood floor in a couple of places, touch up the paint work, new open fire.
Front porch & laundry room - Planning consent is sorted,we have a brick layer planned, all other work will be by us. This should still be finished in the coming year.
Shed - new roof but otherwise good.
Garden - brick barbecue etc - we have the bricks just need the time.

Soon the house will be finished. Weekends will be ours again. We have re-cycled, freecycled, creatively and frugally renovated the whole house. I cant imagine we can ever sell it. It is quirky and very 'us', loads of wood, mosaics, stained glass, glass blocks, etched glass, just all very special to us but not how you decorate a house to sell for a profit. Nothing new unless it wasn't possible to beg, steal or borrow (or sometime4s even buy) it from somewhere.

I love the almost finished place but it will be nice to do something else with our free time for a change. I will need a new outlet for my creative side. Luckily I have another half finished house waiting for my attention.


  1. Does the hippo carpet really have hippos on it or is this just an expression?

  2. I will g4t camera batteries tomorrow!

    Yep, actual hippos. I think also elephants too. In my defence the boys were only 1 and 3 when i bought it!


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