Getting older but not brighter

A few weeks ago I blogged that I was going to copy Laura with my plans for 2011. Her way of setting out the plans I meqnt rather than he actual plans, although Portugal sounds very nice.

Yesterday morning Fahed and I went though our final thoughts on our own plans and I wrote up the blog. Last night I logged into my reader to catch up on everyone's bloggying for the day. I noticed someone else was also copying Laura's master plan. I read almost the whole article before I realised I had added my own blog to my reader.Doh! I should probably add some brain exercises into next years activity.


  1. Honest move, no harm done nor brain exercises needed!

    Happy New Year Lizzie! To a healthy, fulfilling and joyful 2011!

  2. LOL!! I have moments like this all the time...

    Happy New Year Lizzie :)

  3. Happy New Year to you both.


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