Hellooooooo 2011

Happy New Year.

Reading Middle Ways very sad post this week is enough to bring my thoughts back to life changing moments, perspective and all thoughts of living in the now. We were luckier,10 years ago this month Fahed had a heart attack. He was visiting his sister in Jordan. By the time I knew anything about it they had already operated. During the op there is a fair chance of suffering a stroke. if you get through the op then things can be pretty good. So actually very glad not to know anything until afterwards. We have been though a few things since then. Its not so easy to face your mortality when you are so young. As time passes its not always so easy to remember to live in the now but I really do try. I make plans and sometimes I stick to them but if they aren't right then I change them, I remember that very little actually needs worrying about. If you wont remember it was a problem in twelve months time then its not really that important anyway.

2011 is to be about making progress with the Crete house, about being healthier and happier & maybe even more economically viable people, about finding life to be interesting but most of all its to be about not sweating the small stuff. Its about remembering to live not just plan.


  1. Hi it sounds like you went through a tough worrying time.
    Things happen that change ones outlook. I know I had my world rocked last year and still. So much so that we just want a more carefree existence xx

  2. You are so right; thanks for the reminder.

  3. It is so hard for me to find the balance between planning and now. I made myself visit family for the holidays and now it it back to plan plan plan!


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