Now the rest begins

All the party bits of Christmas are over. We had a lovely day today with a family walk instigated by my Dad. Last Christmas he was so ill with an infection after his cancer op. He has had a couple more little bits of surgery during the year but despite the arthritis in his knee it was him that was striding out today leading us along the millennium trail. The frost was strong enough to give us the beauty of a white Christmas with the inconvenience. We had a couple of drinks in the pub and then drove back to my sisters house for the latest addition to our list of traditions, a snowy barbecue. I truly eat more meat at Christmastime than I do the rest of the year together. There were eleven of us for lunch today, which is quite an undertaking in your average English house, but we all squeezed around table and it was good. My niece also packed a little lunch box of cold treats for the guy with MS that she helps to take care of.

During the afternoon there was more singing on the xbox game. Bonnie was with us today and out sang us all. Obviously this is because I have a cough and cold. Sure.

I love these few days all together but now I am looking forward to a lie in tomorrow and a day without cooking as there is still plenty of food knocking around. There is work today around the house this week but tomorrow is rest day.