2011 - the year of.....

Supposed to be the year of doing something slightly more exciting and interesting (whilst still on a serious budget obviously).

So far it is a big, fat, fail. However as the world, in particular Brazil and Australia, is really suffering at the moment I don't think I can whine too much about life being a bit dull. I would obviously rather it be dull than the nightmare scenarios some people are in. The thoughts and hearts are with them.

I will review at the end of the month and try harder. I am making more effort with the kids lives though and they spent 3 hours at a climbing wall this week, and I feel they may have walked away as potential addicts. Sports addiction is an addiction I can live with. They also have a zorbing day voucher to be used from April. If I was a bit less heavy then I would find the climbing appealing so maybe I can join in at a later date. The zorbing I may have found fun once but I have face facts and admit it is completely beyond me now.

Actually lasting through January to a late pay day without compromising on yummy dinners is pretty exciting, especially as it is a very heavy birthday month. It was quite the sort of excitement I had in my mind but I am quietly pleased. From January payday the new regime (money pots etc.) starts so again something new and mildly exciting. It should give focus.


  1. I had to google 'zorbing'. It looks dizzying. I think my motion sickness would make it quite messy.

  2. Yep, me too. Plastic bag hanging from the ears!


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