I bought something and it was good.

One of my Christmas gifts from the old fella was a rice cooker. It is also a steamer, slow cooker and porridge maker (who knew there was such a thing as a porridge maker). Whilst this might seem like an odd present I did ask for it. I have a confession to make. I really can't cook rice. I think it is because I like to cook by the inspirational method not by weights and measures. cooking rice is more like baking, its almost like a chemistry experiment. Yesterday we had pilau rice for the first time. It was amazingly delicious. Everyone liked it. 300g of Basmati, 400ml of chicken stock, sprinkled of salt and a teaspoon of butter. Utterly delicious.

I am not going to buy many things this year, at least I dont plan to, ut one thing I really find useful is a diary from Boxhouse publishing. Last year I had the Life Book. I bought it reduced in January. This year I looked at the family Life Book and thought it might be the one for me but I wasn't about to pay any more than inevitable. I have been checking on a daily basis to see if I break before the sale is one. Yaay, today it is on! The Lifebook is £12.99 reduced to £8.99. The family life book is £12.99 reduced to a fiver. I have invested my £5 in a further 12 months of organisational bliss. The weird thing is that I have a Blackberry. I love my Blackberry and I keep my diary and outlook emails on there but it works fine for business but nothing beats the format of a paper diary for organising 'life'.

I will buy a few more things this year, an orthopaedic mattress, a set of stairs (you did read that right)but they will be planned and deliberate, just like my diary. No more frittering.


  1. I cook medium grain rice the same old way everytime. As long as it isn't cruchy I consider it a success. Maybe someday I will branch out and try a different kind of rice.


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