An end to stress

I have been sleeping really badly for the last couple of months. I am waking every hour or so getting up in the morning is like waking the dead. Last Thursday I did some bite size training sessions. One of the middle ones was Managing Stress.

I have to conclude I don't have stress. Think of a stressful situation had me thinking of trapped in the wilderness and have to cut an arm off to get away. The lady sitting with me had 'driving'. At this point I knew I was wasting 1.5 hours for nothing.

That night I opened the big bedroom window, remembering it is normally kept open all year but shut it during the snow. At bed time I put a couple if books on the bed side table which accidently covered up the illuminated face of my alarm clock.

That night the room was darker, cooler and more airy. Perfect snoozes every night since then. I really am an idiot.

I also sleep better if I don't eat anything after about 6pm, and avoid cheese from about noon! and I don't drink any alcohol.

I am loving my sleep now.


  1. Sleeping is one of my favorite things and it is so frustrating to lie awake at night knowing I have to get up in a few hours. I haven't found a connection to cheese but I try not to eat anything after 6. Last night I ate a tortilla with butter and it didn't like me at all.


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