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How do you balance minimalism and waste.

Just been through all my husbands clothes, which are mainly sports clothes as he get undressed several times a day (swimming teacher not stripogram). There are maybe 12 pairs of joggers, 25 pairs of sports socks and 30 or more tops. I got rid of 8 tops which are way too big or just plain awful. Mostly his clothes looks the same, sports gear black or navy, no big pattern or pictures. I divided the rest between acceptable to wear in public and acceptable to paint the bathroom. Nothing was good enough to sell on eBay interestingly. I am, it would appear, a mean woman who doesn't let her husband have good clothes.

As his wardrobe is largely untouched by fashion, as is mine, what is the advantage to getting rid of all but 10 tops say? It seems to be the thing to do but what if the washing machine breaks or I don't get to the laundry on time? What happens down the line when more tops make it to the bathroom painting pile and less to the wear in public pile? Having donated perfect good tops should I then buy him some new ones?

Nope, not giving in to temptation. It is just wasteful. They are going back in their boxes ready for many more years of active service.


  1. Hi Lizzie...this is something that I go over in my head all the time. I say if they still fit then keep them until totally worn out..this is what I do. When I had my wardrobe clear out I only recycled/sold/donated stuff no longer the right size. My husband, who stays the same size always, probably because he's such a youth lol, wears his stuff until it's beyond repair.

  2. Good man, that's what I like to hear. thats why we chose cute ones, so they good in anything!

  3. I've thought the same when it comes to clothes. Can't imagine only having seven pairs of undies...what if the person's sick and doesn't feel like doing the wash? ugh!

  4. Exactly. I am all for not buying unless/until required but chucking out what is perfectly good and very useful to have, no, just cant do it.


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