I love the new blogger template and font combo. Sandy coloured and a courier script, makes me feel like I should be writing a travel blog. I would love to be doing just that but I stretched myself a bit thin financially by buying land and a old house in Greece at an amazing price but slightly before I was sufficiently financially secure to do so. And then there are the investments in land and an apartment in Syria (known as Fahed pension). I think I need to get some of my land and buildings working for me if I want to follow my natural instincts to globe trot.

In my defence I would say that all of the investments, however ill timed, were seriously good buys and came from knowing the local market and from having contacts who know who is selling. I wouldn't buy without years of homework and friends in the know, so no luxury apartments on sinking sand dunes. I wouldn't buy top end as a) cant afford it b)not fun, developing and improving is the fun bit. Wouldn't buy a depreciating asset, such as a mobile home. Well I might but only Daizy styleas somewhere real cheap to lay my head whilst working on a more secure master plan. So I may appear a bit daft but there is a bit of thought behind it.

My dad and sister are organising a little trip to France in a couple of weeks and I would like to join them but £600 in car repair costs and some lost earnings over the last week are putting me off. I will see how well we do with the budget next month before making a final decision. I love organising travel. Maybe it should go on my list of thing to develop. Small individual travelling parties that really get to know an area. When Fahed was visiting family in Jordan or Syria (cant remember) a few years back he heard someone speaking English and being a little homesick approached them for a chat. They were a Dutch couple trying English as the international language. Enjoying the chance for some European conversation (he is a bit set in his ways and Anglicised after 23 years)he took them to a family wedding. They didn't stay the full three days but I like to think it added a dimension to their trip & they think about it form time to time. Suppose I could organise little holiday groups who could really be inclusive to the society they are visiting and learn and enjoy.

Something else on my today when I get the chance list. I have been reading Moyra making plans for a retreat/art workshop she is asking the universe to help her attend. Maybe my property in Crete could be suitable for something like that once it is landscaped (i.e. surrounding land is no longer a death trap). Moyra also mentioned these camps.. Some many ideas. Maybe I could buy an old house in Damascus to renovate and run as a hotel or retreat. No shortage of ideas only of time. Something else to put on my list. Fahed will be pleased to have something else to worry about.


  1. Time is certainly my limiting factor. I have a million projects and only 2 short days to the weekend. I wish I got a week off for Spring break like students do. I could get so much done.

  2. Especially difficult for you because you have so little annual leave time. At my company managers are actively encouraged to take their flexi days, usually it is staff only and managers just lose their extra hours, to stop them from going into meltdown.


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