Extra day of weekend

I had Friday flexi day booked at work but we had a last minute panic and a 'death is the only excuse for not attending' meeting. So last night at about 9pm I had the lovely realisation that today was an additional day of rest. I have enjoyed it all the more for not remembering it was on its way.

I dropped my son at college at the usual time around 8am but instead of carrying on to work I doubled back and settled into a couple of hours of blog reading with coffee and toast accompaniment. Simple pleasures.

I didnt make any plans on purpose. I also dealt with work emails as they arrived so that I didn't get behind for the week already.

I discovered that a packet of (reduced) chicken thighs, chicken stock from a cube, a tin of reduce tomatoes and a handful of oregano makes an amazing meal after wallowing in the hot bath of the slow cooker all day. Served with rice made in the rice cooker (same machine, different button - brilliant Christmas present).

I got Fahed to go through the piles of clothes which I sorted out from his wardrobe at the weekend. He was even harsher than I was and now there is a pile for the kids to look over as well as plenty for the charity shop. We re-arranged the whole cupboard and it makes more sense now and should be easier to manage. 'Work' clothes have their own place, tops are seasonal and the junk is all gone. I thought I did pretty damn good with my own wardrobe sorty outy but I did his better.

I fixed the sitting room clock. It has been ten past eight in here since November. Now it is finally twenty to nine.

I freecycled a wheely shopping bag, which I cant actually remember ever buying, to a lady who delivers Betterware catalogues. This follows on from freecycling a huge bag of quilt cover, pillow cases, curtains and the like on Saturday. Same lady came for the bag so I guess she was happy with the bed linen.

One big fat fail. I made a vat of curry sauce which is supposed to be frozen and makes a base for all sorts of curry dishes. It was bland and in attempting to make it better I made it too salty. Two wasted potatoes couldn't de-salt it. I chucked the whole vat once I had worked out it was mostly water and spices. Deeply disappointed, I will search on-line for a different base recipe. I love the idea but the actual sauce no-one could love.

Now I am lounging about with the old fella watching another bumper crop of Criminal Minds, favourite program of the day.