Capsule Wardrobes and update

Just for Cathy, this is what I meant by capsule wardrobe. I worked out ho to search my reader to find it! I am not done yet but had a good clear through the wardrobe. I have a lot of very formal clothes which I rarely wear because business clothes just aren't so formal any more. I will try to give them each a test day at work to see if they stay. Most of my clothes goes with most of my other clothes because I am almost always wear black and white or black and something bright. I do have a brown skirt and jumper, which I can wear with nothing else, so I am checking out the fabric to see if it can be dyed to fit in with everything else.

I did well with my chores, everything except Fahed's wardrobe. I may well do that tomorrow as we really need to do it together. Today I made 8 portions of red cabbage for the freezer (yum but only I think so, hence individuals servings), started to prepare my Seville orange vodka for bottling, made the best ever trifle for my sons 21st birthday cake. Did the food prep for steak in a cream sauce and chips (which we have four time a year for birthdays - never more) which Fahed then cooked. He is such a good cook but he doesn't do healthy so he gets limited access to our arteries.

I also dyed, or rather am currently dying, a pink and burgundy duvet set to a violet colour. I didnt realise it was pink when I bought it as it was folded badly in the pack. This will mean I have three sets of good bed linen for our bed. That will do me for years to come.

I almost booked a hippobag collection today but the price seems to have gone up by a whole lot since last time I did this and we have decided to invest in some rubble sack instead and take things to the dump mid week, when there isn't a queue.

Seems like the weekend was fun and productive. I believe my son enjoyed his simple birthday celebrations.


  1. A hippobag is? I'm guessing it is when they pick up large rubbish from your house maybe?

  2. Like a skip but yes, a bag. You buy it in the diy shop and fill it up then ring up to get it collected (or not, in our case!)


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