Cold & frosty morning

I have managed to avoid the cold by staying in bed so far. Its just after nine and I have been avoiding getting up by reading blogs and news for 50 minutes.

A list might help me move my lazy arse.

I am dividing the day into

Before Fahed comes home for brunch 3 1/2 hours
Hours break until he goes to work again 1 hour
Faheds second job 4 hours
Late afternoon together 3 hours
Fahed volunteer work as I go to see my family. 3 hours
Late evening together 1 or 2 hours depending on how tired we are.

Before he comes home in slightly less than two hours I aim to have:
coloured my hair (includes shower and getting dressed),
sorted his sports clothes, which being a swimming teacher are the bulk of his clothes, into wearable, work only (work that involves paint & glue not going to work type work) and bin.
Put laundry away.
Sorted jumpers in own wardrobe and maybe even started listing items from the wardrobe in my plans for a capsule wardrobe. Cant remember who on my blog list I am copying this from but I will link it in when I find it.
Make brunch, probably poached egg on toast, for returning husband.

Take coffee and toast break (well earned by this time assuming I even leave the warmth of my lovely bed).

and then on my own again.

Top up shopping from my list
Sweep hard floors, fluff up pillows, empty bins.
Clean bird cage.
Un-pack dishwasher.
Prepare dinner - home made faked up Burger King Double Whoppers. I am getting good at these I am told. Secrets are toast bun, use ketchup and mayonaisse but in small quantities, include raw onion and gherkin even if they are thrown out before eating, wrap in greaseproof paper and warm in the oven for five minute. Perfect and very affordable for an occasional treat plus saves 15 mile drive.

Enough, I must move or nothing will happen.


  1. Ok Lizzie - do let us know how you get on and if you finish anything lol
    BTW whats a capsule wardrobe?

  2. I finished a few things but not all!


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