Car news

We have two cars, neither of which is very new. We bought them second hand in 2004.
This week the engine management light came on in my car and it started to drive a bit roughly. Petrol usage was up. I came home and told Fahed and his reply, snap, me too!

For his car we need a new head gasket which will be £500. My car just needs a service which will be £102.

There is good news, sort off. I asked Fahed to ask the mechanic if his car was actually worth it as it isn't a baby any more. The mechanic said it is still in excellent condition, doh, I forgot the new engine in 2008, and will keep going another 100,000 miles, no problem. Head gasket is just one of those things that goes from time to time and isn't a big deal. In my opinion it is big but I am only thinking of cost. Also my car has a good few years in it.

So we don't put any money into savings this month, which feels like a backwards step, but we should then be set for the next few years. I am thinking about giving mine its annual clean just so she knows I still love her!


  1. My truck would love to be cleaned once a year. That poor thing is so neglected. I'm not one of those people who clean their car every weekend as you well know.

  2. I think excessive car cleaning is a bit weird. Once in a while just to check the paint colour is fine with me. I would love a pick up but living in a little house in a village just a couple of miles from work, with all the roads tarmaced gives me no excuses.


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