Friday Night is Poker Night

Well not every Friday but the last Friday of every month. Fahed loves to play poker but casino play would be a massive waste of money. Instead he has been asked to join a local tournament by a guy who he met whilst teaching him to swim. The last Friday of every month they meat up at the house of someone who has a garage converted to a sort of home casino. They pay their £17 and play all night, and they get a guys type dinner or curry or chilli in the break. The winner can come home with £60 as you may remember from when my sweet heart bought me a sander (I did ask for one, its not as weird as its sounds - I have doors that need attention).Anyway, bargain and about the only social spending he has in a month apart from occasional de caff coke.

So one Friday a month is my indulge myself with TV about gardening, cooking and anything else that only I like to watch. Today though both kids have decided to be home. Do they not know it is Friday. Eldest is in the front room playing video games with his mate. Lovely lads both of them but I don't feel like an evening of 'Assasins Creed'. I have sneaked off to my bed after cooking a pan of lemon chicken, enough to feed everyone. The chicken was reduced to £2.65 and this is its third day on duty. Sweet and sour chicken makes the breasts feed all four of us quite well. I have done my mummy duty, they are all well fed.

Now I am spoilt for choice, we have a TV in the bedroom, which is not connected up to the outside world,which is hardly ever watched but does work. There is a second hand PS2 connected up for watching DVDs. I have a Stephen Fry Book and a Nigella book. My laptop for reading and writing. Fahed's laptop (bigger screen, mine is a notebook) which Jamal has just shown me how to legally watch old criminal minds programmes on.

I am living the life here, total cost maybe £1.50, and that fed us all and gave us leftovers for tomorrow. Kids seem happy too, total additional cost £nil. If you told me I could go anywhere or do anything I could think of better things to do but its pretty damn good all the same.


  1. Just having free time sounds lovely to me! Of course I am easily amused. Doing laundry is high on my fun activities list!

  2. It is. I love a weekend with nothing planned. i am sure if I didnt work then plans to go out etc would appeal more but to me the chance of 48 to potter about is just the weekends ever.


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