Oh my god, Friday again.

I cant believe how quickly the days fly by. Its always Friday, always Year End (or so us finance people say), always Christmas. I hope this just indicates how happy I am with my life. Guess And apparently I must be very happy.

So, Friday. That means a evening in front of the TV watching Criminal Minds and/or Deadliest Catch, both of which we love. Yesterday was our 22 wedding anniversary but Fahed was working until 10pm so this is our anniversary celebration. I am watching some seriously tough Alaskan blokes catching crabs as there boats slowly become encased in ice. That is truly enough to make you appreciate your normal job. I suddenly love spreadsheets. Fascinating viewing though.

Friday night is diary update night to. I love my diary and it really does help me get organised by focusing me on tasks. I have a list for tomorrow, a shopping list and a list of spices needed to make a bulk cook up of curry sauce for the freezer.

I do love the weekend but sometimes I wish they didnt come around quite so quick, Every one that passes me is one less still to come.