Food - larder principal

This year I am copying Amy Dacyczyn of Tightwad Gazette fame and ensuring I have a full pantry/fridge/freezer which I replenish at the most affordable prices. So each month shopping fills up the food store again. Main advantage being that you can buy things when the prices are right not when your meal plan dictates.

Important things to remember
1)make sure you buy at the right price and have enough stock
2)bulk buying should not just mean bulk eating
3)Take lunches of soup or leftovers for work
4)Have a meal plan list of affordable dinners so you are never stuck for something to cook.

Next; fuel costs


  1. I did this more before I was so busy. Now I can't even seem to find time to cook some chicken. Unfortunately I am starting to see why drive thru is so appealling.

  2. oh god, i know. When we had no kitchen i ordered take away for three days. I could have done better than that even without fridge access, surely.


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