Potential spending problem -avoiding squandering

I can fritter money away like there was an award for it. But the good thing is that if I make an effort then I notice and don't do it any more. Just have to make sure I keep that in my mind this year. Since I stopped popping into Waitrose to buy houmous I have saved myself a fortune. So I know there are triggers to be avoided. I am thinking about having a little spending diary for January. Has anyone else found that noting spending down inhibits the actual spending?

What I expect to make a difference this year if that Fahed is on board. He worked through the budget with me and set up the idea of the separate pots of money for shopping, fuel etc. I reminded him yesterday that we are now on the new way of doing things and he suggested he gives me his switch card so that he isn't tempted to spend. I find that very encouraging. What we have decided is that he can keep the money from one of his jobs and it will be his pocket money, the money for the lottery and anything else he needs. However I am pretty sure that he will do his best to save this money too. I know what he is like after all these years. He is happy to spend what he considers random money i.e. from the bank but he doesn't like to part with money he actually has in his pocket.

Next I need a plan for food shopping, for fuel usage, for household improvements. I have to start looking at these as opportunities for improvement instead of problems to be addressed. So many opportunities!


  1. great to all be on board with it. It helps to have a team plan I think. much harder to fall off the wagon. writing it all down does really really help with everything. once you have done one month, you can get a better idea of what amounts each area of spending needs. I do recommend that you are generous with your allocations to start with as its so much nicer to feel that you are able to come in within your budget rather than setting an extreme target and continually failing. not going into shops definately helps. We spent one month only getting what we needed from corner shops. even though they are more expensive, there was no temptation to buy anything else.

  2. That's what I am thinking to start with, generous allowances and then I get to feel good and try even harder. Sadly no corner shops around here as we are out of the town a bit. We do have every supermarket known to man though which I should probably appreciate more than I actually do. Plus I am more likely to stick with it if I have written it down and feel i might be watched!


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