I need to minimise the cost of transport in conventional and less conventional ways.
Some easy decisions and some that need more time.

I checked petrol prices on line and found that the prices at the garage I pass everyday is currently 2p per litre cheaper than the ASDA that I drive two miles out of my way to get to.

I have tried to avoid taking the car out as best I can. One of my meetings which would have been a 50 mile round trip turned into a conference call on screen when my boss was asked to attend. Funny how its okay not to physically attend when a director says he wants to use conference facilities. Today I bummed a lift to meeting which was another 60 mile round trip. Next Tuesday also bummed a lift in the shared pool car from work. However this does affect my holiday savings as mileage and expenses are claimed annually to go in the holiday pot. Lost around £80 this week.

On a more positive note I avoided a 20 mile return trip to spend a £25 Marks and Spencer gift card, by selling it on eBay. Handy to have the money in January but it would have been fun to buy something with a clear conscience.

I filled Fahed's car up with gas and 'insisted' he use gas only from now on and don't use petrol because he cant be bothered to go to the gas station. Petrol is currently £1.22 per litre locally company with gas at 75p a litre.

On a slightly more long term note I checked out these babies after reading about them on Foster Mummies site. Have I got the nerve to do it.