Keeping it tight

I withdrew £20 from the bank to top up the food supplies this week. Mostly bread, which was reduced,some cheese on special offer, some porky whites sausages, again on special offer, so houmous, reduced if you buy 2, a bag of basic onions. Total spend £16.44. We are fine for the week ahead.

My son is busily applying for every job advertised anywhere but in the meantime he is selling Avon. Disadvantages are bags, boxes and catalogues everywhere. Advantages are I get all the free gifts which he has not use for, which is apparently all of them. Result for me. I thought about advertising the stuff on ebay but of course every Avon rep in the country gets the same freebies at the same time so the price leaves it not worth the effort.

Fahed has un-block the sink/dishwasher outlet without resorting to a plumber.

Surely with all these economies I should be rich.


  1. How are his Avon sales? I don't think I have ever met a male avon rep. I would think he might be very popular.

  2. Not too bad. first order was about £200 from 8 people. Once he got past the embarrassed stage I think he actually benefits from the novelty value. Pretty sure some of the orders wouldn't be so big if he wasn't so cute. One mother and daughter are always asking for him to come around so I am suggesting he talks from the doorstep there!


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