Sunday, 20 February 2011

The best kind of to do list

Nice and quiet house today with everyone at work or out and about. I like the noisy family home generally but sometimes quiet is nice.

I have vacuumed right through, cooked yummy food (rice, malay vegetable curry, dhal, beef and spinach curry - easily enough for tomorrow as well)for lunch and almost finished the laundry. I think that means I deserve so quiet time for me. I especially do as the kids had visitors last night, who are very sociably and do ask us to join them, but all the same, quiet time is required.

I was thinking about my special do to list. My 'to do with your life', as opposed as 'to do with the housework and shopping'.

These things are on there;

Cake decorating
Caribbean sailing
US Roadtrip
Artists retreat in Klima
Make cheese
Make soap
Complete OU degree
Interesting property portfolio for Fahed pension.

I think I want to make a couple of changes.
I am not completely binning the idea of the OU degree but I am putting it on hold. My boss, who is very supportive, would sponsor me to take the first course for my degree. Well if someone else is paying I know I have to give 100% but I just don't think I have the energy or inclination at this point. I may come back to it and I do like to be challenged and to think a bit bigger and a bit deeper but this has made me realise that it is not for now.

I also thought that making soap and making cheese are things I should do as a matter of course and are not big deals so I am going to get on and try those through spring and then they become part of my life or not but either way they are off the list.

New things to go on to the list.

I have been (virtually) chatting with a couple who are looking for accommodation in Crete. They house sit for people and look after their pets and plants. One is also a freelance writer and photographer, the other is a fitness instructor. They just move all over the world living little bits of other people lives and carrying on with their own. I thought it was a fascinating idea. I have shied away from renting out the Crete house as my neighbours are so lovely and I would hate to inadvertently ship lager louts into their midst. I have offered them the house for a few weeks whilst they are between jobs on the understanding that they pay my electricity and water bills and have a bit of a clean up and warm the place through.

So from speaking to them I was thinking about living in different ways and not the normal nine to five. I do enjoy my job but I don't want to do it forever.

Additional inspiration came from Moyra's about Ace Camps trip to Marrakesh. I could do that. i could so do that. Not Marrakesh but places I know well. um, and not shopping but for people who would like to see the real underside of a country. To get to meet the real people of a place. This week I got invited to Ramallah on the West Bank. Not so many get invites like this. This is not Thomas Cook style holidaying. I know people in some fantastically under visited countries. Places where everyone is welcoming and friendly but where visitors are few. I don't want to turn my favourite places into 1980's still Costa del Sol but I would like to give some places a chance to show its prettier face to the world.

On my list is to be added 'Organise small groups of travelers to interesting locations.

If my quiet day continues there may be more to go on there later

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