Monday, 21 February 2011

Half term hols

Now the boys are 21 and almost 19 school holidays don't affect me much as they did when I had to worry about looking after them in the days. I don't have to drop Jamal at college so get to work a bit earlier but as I am already 22 hours up it isn't exactly crucial. Just discovered one really good thing though. Fahed's swimming teaching is mostly tied to term times so his regular classes are off, although he is doing morning crash courses. That means that he has afternoons free which I why I just had a homemade lamb and burghal kofta sausage type creation for my dinner.

He soaked bulgar wheat for a few hours. Spiced it up with dried chilli (lots and lots), salt and cumin. Minced it through the sausage maker twice. Minced up some lean lamb. Mixed it all together and then minced it through again. He made then into sausage shapes but we didn't use skins as we havn't made sausages in ages and I think the old ones look pretty old.

He has no afternoon lessons tomorrow either. Wonder if we will get something else yummy.

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  1. I don't think I would ever try a recipe like that just from reading it but I bet after I tasted it I would want to know how it's made!


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