What a week

Such a mad busy week. Working endlessly on the rent increase (sorry, I have no choice, its all set by the government) at work and then we have our first ever visit from a member of Faheds family, so I need to take some time out in a week when I have done nothing but work and sleep.

Finally managed to fit it all in nonetheless. Rent info was loaded on time. My brother in law had a five day visit for trade discussion with the someone within the government. He had virtually no time when he wasn't in a meeting so we went to him instead of him coming to us. Being Palestinian, from Jerusalem, I thought he might like to see might like to see St Paul's cathedral. I was right. He loved it. He was quite overwhelmed. To make it even better the minister holding the service asked for prayers for our brothers and sisters in Egypt and for peace in the Middle East, whilst we were there. My brother in law is in his 60s and I would say he never expected to see this the time when the old dictators started to fall. He is a composed and quiet old gentleman but I would say that he is happy and excited that he lived long enough to maybe see the beginnings of democracy in the Middle East.

So after St Paul's we crossed the millennium bridge and walked along the South Bank then crossed back to catch the tube at Tower Hill. He took so many photos. I don't think he expected London's beauty or her history. I thought that was long enough out in the cold for an elderly gentleman not used to the cold but I think he could have kept going long after we collapsed. I found that one of his favourite things about England was 'the system' by which he meant how organised everything is and how everyone knows the ropes. Nice to hear something goos about us.

In the evening we had coffee back at his hotel and met a couple of his secretaries. All talk was excitement about the expected roll out of democracy. I do hope they are right. We got invited to the West Bank for a holiday. wow, what a week.

Still havn't found my bl**dy camera.


  1. It is exciting to think of change in the Middle East. They have so much potential and it's about time for some good news.

  2. what an inspiring post. and you are right. so lovely that he and his colleagues were so excited by the prospect of democracy. really moving.and you are right it is good to hear good stuff about our society. sometimes I think we forget to appreciate the good things around us. 'system' eh. that's something we so take for granted isn't it!

  3. I am quite amazed how positive all I have heard about the changes have been. People know they are going to be hurt to some extent but its a price they are prepared to pay. We are at a special place in history.
    So right, Moyra, we really dont appreciate the place, especially 'the system'.


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