Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Country Girl

I have watched 7 episodes of River Cottage in the last few days. I really want an old farm in the country, veg beds, chicken (and ducks and geese), sheep, cider making, mushroom gathering, sea fishing and everything else. I have seen the series before but it didn't seem so appealing in the past. Could be part of my midlife crisis I guess. Oh, and bees, I forgot that I also want bees.

I even wanted the half knackered Landrover (which I do think is the coolest car ever). I think its because I am a Devon lass deep down and want to get back to my roots. Playing, and thinking I was helping, with egg collecting, rounding up the cows (that didn't need rounding up and knew the route through the village themselves)and 'helping' with the milking. I loved it, Daisy and Queenie didn't frighten me at all even though they stood 2 foot higher than me in their stalls.

I am thinking about it more because my aunty (really mums cousin) died a few weeks back. She was the last of the family at the old farm house. When I was little there was no electric. We had gas lamps, the lavatory was out through the cow sheds, but at least they had the water put in. Aunty Pam delivered the milk until she was 74. I believe she was 78 when she died. The was a note in the post office saying 'Pam's funeral will be at 11am in the church'. How lovely to live in a village where you surname isn't needed. She was at the real centre of the community.

I might start with a few veg in tubs and see how it goes.


  1. Start small - thats the secret! I agree with you, i'd love the idyllic life too...except I wouldn't swap Man Wonderful for Hugh F-W!! Fostermummy X

  2. Oh no, Hugh is not for me, I am happy with Fahed. He can fish, shoot and do all sorts but veg seem to be beyond him. Never mind!


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