First weigh in

4 kilo. I am very happy. So many more to go but a good start.
This weekend will be a test as it is Jamal's birthday and we have a tradition of cooked breakfast, favourite dinner and huge favourite cake made by mummy (not all on the same day, birthdays last about three days around here). Tonight before bed I must put up the birthday banners, at least they don't have any calories.

Tomorrows walk will be on my own as Jamal is off out with his mates for his celebration. On Sunday we all plan another afternoon the country park. I feel that I am benefiting from all the extra activity. My back aches (compressed disk space from a car accident)a lot but I am hoping that it lessens as I lose my padding. In the meanwhile a couple of ibuprofen before the walk takes the edge off of it.

I visited my friends this evening, and also got my grocery shopping done. The dishwasher is almost fully stacked and the washing machine is doing it's thing. I feel quite on top of things ahead of the weekend. Things are bound to go wrong from here!!


  1. Well done on the weight loss!

  2. Great job! How hard or easy is it to stick with the diet plan?


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