Sunday, 13 March 2011

Stuff - enough or not enough

Its easy to have enough, too much, stuff. In the Western World we are drowning in stuff. Today I am having an hour of sorting out in our bedroom and there are ebay and charity items emerging everywhere, even though I already sell anything that is not tied down.

What about the other kind of stuff. Doing stuff. I am feeling very much that all I do is work, at work, at home, even on holiday it was all about decorating,building,progress, progress, progress. I cant see what to stop, it ll needs to be done. I am not a natural at housework but if I turn my back then everything just overwhelms me. I maybe need to get more organised about it and also to delegate and get the others on board a bit more. I swear they actively enjoy untidiness, they always seem to be working against me. I cant give up my actual work obviously, there is no other way to pay the mortgage. On holiday isn't so bad. We do at least get some fun in between and it is only for three weeks a year. It is livewithable.

I need to make an effort to do more pleasurable things i think to break up the monotony. Just collapsing in an exhausted heap is boring. I need interesting but affordable stuff. But what.......

On a good note, Operation Hippo (diet, weight loss, increased excecise, increased fitness) is still going well. Looking very much forward to some salad soon. My attempt at make a salad dressing (0% fat fromage frais, mustard, balsamic vinegar) tastes very unpleasant so back to the drawing board there. I need a more bland base, everything just tastes like yogurt.

Last night I walked to my parents house with my son. Took us about 3/4 hour, despite losing our way (I thought through the woods was more fun than roadway but its not so easy in the dark) and getting rained and even slightly snowed on,, i should probably have worn a jacket but I am in the age of overheating so I was pretty soggy by the time we got there. Jamal and I also played shadow puppets with the torch on route so giant animal shadows stalked us.My sister drove past us and Jamal shown the torch at her number plate to read it causing Susan to think she was being pulled over by the police (torch apparently looks blue)and then think she had imagined it all. Oops. This afternoon we are going to the park for a walk along the river and through the woods if it ins't too wet and boggy. I would like someones dog to walk to make it more enjoyable but I like that the kids are gently forcing me to be active. Bless them. Maybe I will forgive their willful untidiness a bit.


  1. I'll send a dog for you to walk right away! Plenty to choose from.


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