Eye work is done. I now have monovision. My hard working, happy to please right eye continues to be doing all the distance stuff as usual. My bone idle lazy left eye is now doing the close stuff. It is not hugely clear but I think that because I look like Mike Tyson got mad at me and also its all teary but I am typing this without glasses. Tried my glasses on and I cant see a thing so I guess that is a good sign.

Laser bit itself wasn't painful but the lense slicing was not nice. I was there for 5 hours in total. I hope not to ever have it done again but it certainly wasn't as bad a the brain scan in the scary tube last year.


  1. Congratulations for getting through the procedure! Hope healing is fast and without incident.

  2. Wow. Did you just get laser eye surgery?

    I've considered that. I've had glasses for as long as I can remember (grade 4), and it would be amazing to able to wake up and see clearly.

  3. How great that have improved vision already. I hope it was a total success.

  4. Hi MW, it was okay but hopefully never again!

    It is brilliant. I can really see!

    It takes about 3 months until my brain understands how monovision works apparently but its already great.

    I am not good with fussy stuff though. I am getting used to all the drops but not mad about showering with my swimming goggles on!

  5. wow. blimey that sounds intense. glad its worked!


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