Saturday, 2 April 2011

Fed up

Just having a fed up day.

My eye is actually great and healing nicely but i have some double vision when tired as my brain gets used to the change. Fortunately Jamal's mobile phone recovered from me missing his catching hand by a 18 inches yesterday and flinging the phone at a door frame instead. Oops. Because of the eye though I can't do anything very active, or read much or use my laptop or watch TV. Housework is about the only thing left to me!

The house is disappearing under an enormous pile of dirty washing as my washing machine is yet again not plumbed back in. I have had definite finish dates for it for the last week. I assume that I will be able to do laundry again at some point but if nothing else it is getting me to wear some different clothes instead of the usual items. so glad I didn't de-clutter my wardrobe & am now walking around in a wet suit or whatever else would have been left.

I didn't lose any weight this week. Maybe the lack of moving about or maybe I didn't eat so well. I have to be careful to stick with it nopw and not lose motivation because of a week of failure.

Not looking forward to chores today as I know I can;t do laundry. Maybe I will ignore the house completely and just work in the garden instead. The garden needs it and it will take my mind off the house.


  1. be gentle with yourself. get some rest. listen to some favourite music. have a bath. go to bed early. put on radio 4 (well I like it, maybe you might too?) xxxx hugs xx

  2. I resorted to audio books but I do like radio 4, although sometimes it can be a bit daft. Feeling better today!


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