Strange Day

I have a to do list for today but for me its a little different. You might say exciting but |I am just holding back rising panic.

This morning some shopping, clean (cant do laundry as machine is in the middle of the kitchen still as they work, slowly, on my laundry area)pay some cheques into my sons account

Tomorrow I plan to have a sort out in my study to get my filing all done and re-arrange to include a new table top and give myself a really work space.

I spent the evening last night (home alone) researching why I feel so much better since I started my diet. I am discussing this with doctor on Tuesday but I think I am carbohydrate intolerant. When I eat carbs I produce too much insulin and this makes me more hungry, and I am always hungry normally, it also causes problems with energy levels and sleeping. Both have those have improved so much in the last ten days. It lowers blood sugar to the extend of giving you a headache or migraine. I haven't had so much as a twinge of a headache in those ten days and I have suffered from headaches since I was 13. Definitely not inherited as my mum can't remember ever having had one. Lucky mum. Fingers crossed that I am right and I have finally learnt how to operate my own body after half a century. It would also explain why I lost nothing on both Weightwatchers and Slimming world in the past despite sticking to the plan.

Last, what is making me nervous. This afternoon an appointment at the eye clinic. Not LASEK or LASIK as I wasnt a suitable canditate but he is doing something to my left eye that will make it useful again (it does nothing at the moment). I should be able to use it for reading and get rid of my specs. Fingers crossed please.

With the change of eating plan and now the eyes it feels like everything is changing. Maybe I need a mad hair cut just to remind me who I am.


  1. gluten intolerance maybe? glad to hear you've gotten rid of the headaches. and BEST of luck with your eye appt.!!

  2. But if you get a haircut then you won't recognise yourself at all!

  3. Hi Dmarie
    Seems to be in things even without gluten. Either way i feel a lot better without it!

    Hi Daizy. Yes, I can sneak up and myself and surprise me.



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