My weekend

I enjoyed my weekend. It was a bit odd from time to time but overall pretty good.

My baby was 19 on Saturday. He had his breakfast treat and went out in the evening with his mates.Today I made him a massive chocolate fudge cake, which I wasn't quick enough to take a photo of. Tomorrow he has his favourite meal for dinner. We aren't capable of managing the breakfast, cake and dinner all in one day.

I got loads of cleaning and sorting done. Started repossessing the conservatory from the tools and building materials which are taking it over. Two boxes of goodies went to the Salvation Army but I haven't found anyone who wants the exercise bike yet. even listed 8 things on ebay.

My eldest son split up with his girlfriend but he looks extremely un-fussed by this so I guess it was time.I expected it to be more traumatic but he looks just fine. When I told my parents they said'is that because she is always telling him what to do'. Got to love the 'eighty somethings' for just telling it like it is.

And very importantly we agreed a progress plan for the renovation project of this house. This week they will board up and make shelves in the laundry alcove. The dryer can then be put in their as well. After that they will finish of all of the door frames at that end of the kitchen. Thats as far as we can go without a gas man and moving cabinets. If they finish that in three weeks (Fahed does work full time as well) then I will be content. I have emptied and re-arranged the cupboards so that I am ready whenever they are. if they do everything as well as they did my pantry then I will be very happy.

I am all on my own this evening so I am catching up with 'My Greek Kitchen' just brilliant!


  1. Too bad there was no picture. A massive chocolate fudge cake sounds good anyway.

  2. Amazingly there is still some left. I think I finally made one which is too big!


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