My eldest son, who broke up with his girlfriend on Saturday, and from whom I was expecting sadness, pain and agony, is apaprently thriving. He has an interview for a two year college course today and for a job on Thursday. Amazing. I should worry less.

My other son had problems with his 'birthday dinner' last night. His jaw was hurting and he couldn't finish his food. He phoned the doctor this morning and got himself an 8am appointment. Apparently his jaw is disclocated. Now I know I am a bad mummy for thinking he was whingeing about nothing. He has to see a specialist.

I had my weigh-in this morning (only 4 days since last one) and have lost another kilo. I had hoped for more so must up the excercise from today on wards.

The men are all at home today until Fahed goes to work at 3pm. They planned to sort out my laundry area, board and paint it plus stack the dryer on a table over the washine machine. I phoned for progress report earlier and was told I cant use the cooker tonight! I really cant wait to see my kitchen as the cooker is far distant from the laundry area.

I think we are all making progress, Ahdel with jobs and study, Jamal was identifying his condition (we are also doing applications for his deck cadetship for next year), me with weight, Fahed with the kitchen work, but I am not sure until I see what they ahve been up to.


  1. Progress all around! Too bad your son couldn't enjoy his birthday dinner. I hope his jaw is fixed soon.

  2. He had a letter through from th specialist yesterday so hopeful it wont be too long. Even his toast was sliced in one inch squares yesterday and he is requesting spag bol for dinner today. Poor little love.


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