Saturday, 12 March 2011

Some lie-in

My sleep plans are already trashed. I was still awake at midnight chatting with Fahed when we should have been snuggling down for sleep. Wide awake and ready to go again at 6.30am this morning. On a work day it feels so hard to get up but on a Saturday everything is just great. And great success, no headache.

I am off the the Asian supermarket this morning for chillies, Lidl for veg (I kid you not, the quality is better than our local Waitrose)& Greek yogurt. Asda if I can't get everything in Lidl. We have so many supermarkets around here that they are all local. I guess we are in a densely populated area.

My larder shelves are finished and beautiful. I love that my kids can do things like this. My neighbour told Ahdel off a week or so back because he doesn't know how to work the washing machine but I had to say I am happier that he can strip it down and fix it. And I don't want every doing their own washing so I end up with un-efficient loads. I have a system! Next week I will remind him there was some painting he was going to do for me.

Diet seems to be working but I shan't know until nurse appointment on Thursday. I am not hungry but I am missing certain things. In a day or so I can add more veg into the program which will help my desire for all things crunchy.

Okay, to the shops.

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